AX3’s unique combination of superior purity, bioavailability, and environmental sustainability makes it the best form of astaxanthin available.


Natural Product Total Synthesis

AX3 astaxanthin is created using natural product total synthesis, resulting in superior product quality compared with ordinary astaxanthin obtained from traditional farming methods.

Extraction from Microalgae
(industry standard)

  • Low Purity
  • High Contamination Risk
  • Inconsistent Batches
  • Limited Supply
  • High Environmental Impact

Natural Product
Total Synthesis
(AX3 production method)

  • High Purity
  • No Contamination Risk
  • Consistent Batches
  • Unlimited Supply
  • Low Environmental Impact


3X More Effective

A head-to-head human study demonstrated AX3 astaxanthin's superior bioavailability versus ordinary astaxanthin, with 3X the blood levels of astaxanthin from the same dose of two (2) x 12 mg capsules. Research studies in humans and animals suggest that higher blood levels of astaxanthin may provide greater health benefits.
Astaxanthin Blood Level


More Environmentally Friendly

Research has demonstrated that natural total product synthesis of astaxanthin – AX3’s method of production – emits fewer greenhouse gases and consumes less energy, raw materials, and land than other production methods.
Image of environmental impact Image of environmental impact